Weekend in Review – Spartan Beast Race in SC

Yes, I traveled 1000 miles to compete in a Spartan Race.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But fun and totally worth it? YES!  In case you are a new reader, I have a passion for fitness and run in Spartan obstacle course races.  I may be frugal but fitness is one area of my life where I do spend some money, although as responsibly as possible.

A Spartan race is an obstacle course race where you do anything from going over/under walls,  climbing ropes, barbed wire crawls, cargo nets, sandbag carries, etc.  Just think military style obstacles and you get the idea.  To some people this sounds nuts but I absolutely love it!  This is not the cheapest hobby but I have been doing my best to participate without breaking the bank and my budget.

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Weekend in Review – Spartan Sprint at Killington

This past weekend was a busy one!  I was non-stop for 3 days and was certainly feeling it for a couple of days after.  Thankfully my wallet didn’t get all that much exercise as I was able to keep my costs in check.  Friday Mr. SFF and I shot a wedding so we were on our feet for 13 hours.  It may have been a long day but we got to witness the wedding from start to finish for some good friends so it was worth all of the work!


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Mont Ste Marie Spartan Race

Usually my Spartan blog posts are very upbeat but unfortunately today’s is not.  Last weekend we went up to Canada for the Ottawa Spartan Beast race which was held at Mont Ste Marie.  My Spartan buddy and I signed up for the race at the beginning of the year and have been training for 7 months for this race.  I have done Spartan races before but the Beast is the hardest distance and often includes lots of vertical gain.  This race was 14.9 miles, had 33 obstacles, and had a total of 4617 ft of elevation gain.

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Monthly Savings Update – June

As expected, June was also a difficult month when it came to my savings goal.  I kept things in check where possible but there were some larger expected expenses that added up and affected my total savings.  After looking at my target budget numbers again I think that it may be hard to keep my savings rate around 40%.  I am still going to keep this as my goal but am coming to realize that it might be a stretch.

Many of my regular expenses actually came in under my target budget but there were a few larger expenses that threw things off.  As mentioned in my previous post we attended a wedding at the end of the month.  Although Mr. SFF paid for part of these expenses it did affect my numbers as well.  We also attended a baby shower so the total we spent on gifts for the month was much higher than my target numbers.

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Weekend in Review

This past weekend was great!  Mr. SFF and I drove down to my dad’s house on Friday after work to stay for the weekend.  We stopped for dinner on the way but there is a great restaurant just off the highway where we got dinner for both of us plus two beers for Mr. SFF for only $42 (including tip), all which Mr. SFF paid for.  If only we could get that kind of deal in my home town!

The main purpose of this trip was to run Boston Super on Saturday down in Barre, MA.  This is the first of my Spartan Races this year and as my dad’s house was only an hour 15 away it was a great place to stay (free lodging!).  In case Continue reading “Weekend in Review”

Frugal and Fitness Freak

OK, well freak might be a strong word but in addition to being increasingly frugal, I am also a fitness nut.  Yes, I actually enjoy exercising most days and I love the results of being fit and in shape.  Although I have always been active, last year my fitness activity increased and I am in the best shape of my life (in my mid-30’s none the less).

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