My 2016 Clothing Ban

No, I am not banning wearing clothes, I am banning buying clothes for the entire year, and possibly longer.  Well, I already purchased a skirt on super sale in January costing a bank account breaking $3.49, but other than that, I decided months ago that I am not going to buy a single piece of clothing for the entire year.

Why am I doing this?  Because sometimes I can get the urge to buy something for myself and although I have been pretty good since starting this journey towards FI I know myself well enough that having the actual goal, shared publicly here, would make it even more powerful and keep me accountable. Continue reading “My 2016 Clothing Ban”

The Need to Want

When it comes to our daily needs, other than the extremely poor, these are met for most people in first world countries.  We have access to fresh water, food to fill our stomachs, and a roof to put over our heads.  When we compare our current lives to that of the cave man days we are living large!  But there still seems to be this inherent “need to want”.  Is there such a primal “need to want” that we create things that we don’t Continue reading “The Need to Want”