My Clothing Ban Update

Towards the beginning of the year I decided to set a goal of not spending any money on clothing.  I didn’t set this goal on the first of the year so I did spend a whopping $3.49 on a new skirt in January but after that purchase I vowed not to purchase anything else.  I didn’t actual post about the goal until the middle of the year but I had the goal in my head.

Now to be clear, I have never been a huge spender on clothing but it can be surprising how one little purchase here and there can add up which is why I set the goal.  Plus, I have enough clothes so this goal has really shown me the true different between a “want” and a “need”.

There were times this year that I did want something new, including the last day of the year.   Continue reading “My Clothing Ban Update”

The Wonders of Gardening

Although winter is already in full force here, I figured I would do a little summary of our gardens this year and how we did.  We have a pretty small yard and only two raised beds measuring 2×6 and 2×8 so we are pretty limited on the garden real estate but we do try to make the most of it.  Over the past 5 years we have narrowed down our the vegetables that we grow to one that we have had success with and of course, ones that we enjoy.  This past summer we planted 3 varieties of kale, rainbow chard, carrots, green beans, and unsuccessful cauliflower and cucumbers. Continue reading “The Wonders of Gardening”

A Free Weekend Getaway!

After very busy summer and even busier fall, last weekend Mr. SFF and I finally had an entire weekend to ourselves!  And what did we decided to do?  Get away from it all, disconnected out in the woods and it was wonderful!!

Mr. SFF’s extended family (his mother’s cousin) own a small little camp out in the woods.  He encourages family members to come out and use it as he lives out of state and can’t come up all that often but it often sits empty.  Apparently no one has used the camp for the past two years.  The camp itself is nothing special, just a small main room with double bunk beds, a small kitchen and small bath with another set of bunk beds but it has everything you might need for a relaxing weekend.  The thing that does make the camp special is the fact the Mr. SFF’s great-grandmother was actually born on the property (the original cabin burned years ago).  So there is history and the property is beautiful. Continue reading “A Free Weekend Getaway!”

Guest Room Dresser Project

Our guest room is small and is kind of a Hodgepodge of a room.  It serves as our guest room, storage for all of my crafts and other random stuff like suitcases, my periodic exercise room, and also our linen closet.  One of the huge downsides of owning a home built in the late 1800’s is that there is little to no storage so this room kind of does/holds it all.

Since the room is multi-use we decided a bed was a complete waste of space since it was only used as a guest room a couple of weeks per year and left no usable floor space.  We had a futon in there for a couple of years but it was dreadfully uncomfortable.  So last year we build a Murphy bed and purchased a nice memory foam mattress for our guests. Continue reading “Guest Room Dresser Project”

My 2016 Clothing Ban

No, I am not banning wearing clothes, I am banning buying clothes for the entire year, and possibly longer.  Well, I already purchased a skirt on super sale in January costing a bank account breaking $3.49, but other than that, I decided months ago that I am not going to buy a single piece of clothing for the entire year.

Why am I doing this?  Because sometimes I can get the urge to buy something for myself and although I have been pretty good since starting this journey towards FI I know myself well enough that having the actual goal, shared publicly here, would make it even more powerful and keep me accountable. Continue reading “My 2016 Clothing Ban”

Frugal Traveling Part II

I posted last weekend about some of the issues we had when traveling down to Florida for a funeral but I wanted to summarize the whole trip now.  My grandfather passed away so my sister and I planned a trip down there for the funeral.  Being so frugal (you might even say cheap) I was not willing to pay the asking price for last minute plane tickets.  As a result, we had a ton of added stress to our travel plans.

Continue reading “Frugal Traveling Part II”

When Traveling Fugally Backfires – Part I

Originally I was thinking I would just do one post about my recent last minute trip to go to a funeral but I figured I would do a mid-trip update.  My grandfather passed away this past week so my sister and I planned a trip down to Florida for the funeral and did our best to be as frugal as possible.  So far, this has failed and makes me wonder how much easier my life might be if I was just willing to shell out money every once and a while.

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DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project

I recently finished a DIY project that took me a long time to complete (I started in September) but the actual out of pocket costs were very minimal and the end results are amazing!

Our duplex hasn’t been owner occupied in years and some things are not in the greatest shape.  The tile floor in the kitchen is a great example.  A couple of tiles were cracked and the grout was breaking down in places.  As this will eventually be a rental again someday we didn’t want to put a  lot of money into replacing the floor but I did want to make it look a little better.  Continue reading “DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project”

DIY Beauty Face Washes

Over the past year I have been playing around with some DIY beauty products.  These are some of the reasons I have been doing this.

  • I am trying to reduce the number of chemicals I apply (and ingest) to my body
  • Cost savings
  • Creating an individualized solution for my body
  • Using ingredients and supplies I already have in the house (no trips to the store)
  • Plus, I just enjoy doing this

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Are You Playing Offense or Defense with Your Finances?

The way to win a any game is to have a good combination of both offensive and defensive plays.  If your quarterback can’t make a single successful pass then it doesn’t matter how good your linebackers are at intercepting passes or tackling running backs.  Or if the quarterback is the best on the league but the defense gets trampled every time the ball changes over then you have only a slim chance of winning.  The best teams out there have a really good balance of both offensive and defensive players. Continue reading “Are You Playing Offense or Defense with Your Finances?”