The Wonders of Gardening

Although winter is already in full force here, I figured I would do a little summary of our gardens this year and how we did.  We have a pretty small yard and only two raised beds measuring 2×6 and 2×8 so we are pretty limited on the garden real estate but we do try to make the most of it.  Over the past 5 years we have narrowed down our the vegetables that we grow to one that we have had success with and of course, ones that we enjoy.  This past summer we planted 3 varieties of kale, rainbow chard, carrots, green beans, and unsuccessful cauliflower and cucumbers. Continue reading “The Wonders of Gardening”

Apartment Changeover Madness

We went from spending a blissful relaxing week on vacation at the beach in Rhode Island with family right into a regular workweek and two apartment changeovers.  Last week was brutal.  Talk about killing the vacation relaxation vibe in an instant!

The tenants in our owner occ duplex actually moved out while we were still out of town.  We were not worried about being there when they moved as they were very responsible and had kept the apartment in such great shape.  A quick walk through when we got home late Sunday afternoon verified this.  This particular unit is in really good condition as we did some some maintenance last year between tenants but did need a coat of paint in a couple of the rooms to help freshen things up.  We have owned the building for almost 5 years now and we haven’t painted the walls since we purchased it so it was over due.  I had meant to get paint before heading on vacation but life got in the way so after work on Monday the first task was to buy a gallon of paint to match.  Once we had the paint in hand we got to work. Continue reading “Apartment Changeover Madness”

Guest Room Dresser Project

Our guest room is small and is kind of a Hodgepodge of a room.  It serves as our guest room, storage for all of my crafts and other random stuff like suitcases, my periodic exercise room, and also our linen closet.  One of the huge downsides of owning a home built in the late 1800’s is that there is little to no storage so this room kind of does/holds it all.

Since the room is multi-use we decided a bed was a complete waste of space since it was only used as a guest room a couple of weeks per year and left no usable floor space.  We had a futon in there for a couple of years but it was dreadfully uncomfortable.  So last year we build a Murphy bed and purchased a nice memory foam mattress for our guests. Continue reading “Guest Room Dresser Project”

DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project

I recently finished a DIY project that took me a long time to complete (I started in September) but the actual out of pocket costs were very minimal and the end results are amazing!

Our duplex hasn’t been owner occupied in years and some things are not in the greatest shape.  The tile floor in the kitchen is a great example.  A couple of tiles were cracked and the grout was breaking down in places.  As this will eventually be a rental again someday we didn’t want to put a  lot of money into replacing the floor but I did want to make it look a little better.  Continue reading “DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project”

DIY Beauty Face Washes

Over the past year I have been playing around with some DIY beauty products.  These are some of the reasons I have been doing this.

  • I am trying to reduce the number of chemicals I apply (and ingest) to my body
  • Cost savings
  • Creating an individualized solution for my body
  • Using ingredients and supplies I already have in the house (no trips to the store)
  • Plus, I just enjoy doing this

Continue reading “DIY Beauty Face Washes”

I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair for a Year

Yes, you read that correctly.  I have not used shampoo or conditioner on my hair for a full year.  “But why would you go to this extreme” you might ask.  Because I am trying to use less chemical on my body (I mean, do you even know what half of the ingredients are on the back of a bottle?!?) as well as it is saving me a boatload of money.  After a full year of going “no-poo” I can confidently say this works well for me.  My hair is healthier, my curls are more consistent, and I have little to no frizz.  Prior to going “no-poo”, my hair could frizz out like Bozo The Clown.  Not a good look! Continue reading “I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair for a Year”

More Apartment Expenses – Planned and Unexpected

The Planned Expense

Our new tenants moved in back in August and we want to make sure they stay happy in hopes that they will stay for a couple of years. As our duplex was built in the 1890’s there is very little storage space, in any room.  The bathroom in particular has zero storage.  When we transitioned the apartment back in July we had wanted to add a medicine cabinet in the bathroom to add at least some storage but ran out of time.  We asked our tenants if they wanted one and they said it would be great and we just finally got around to installing one this past week.

Being frugal minded about many things in life, we decided to try to find a used medicine cabinet instead of shelling out over a $100 for a new one.  It took a few weeks but I found a wall mountable one (we didn’t want to cut holes in the wall as you never know what you may find) at a local home building resale establishment.  The cost was only $15 so it was a great price.

2015-08-29 12.27.30
It’s upside down but you get the idea…

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Never Ending Home Projects

It seems that no matter the age of your home (unless it is brand spanking new) there is always something that needs to be repaired, fixed or upgraded.  As our home was build in the 1890’s and has not been owner occupied in decades there is a never ending list of things that need to be done.

We recently had two projects that needed attention.  First was the fence on the south side of our property (the north fence is owned by our neighbors).  We replaced 4 of the fence posts a couple of years ago but the rest of the posts and fence panels need to be replaced.  A few of the panels have fallen over and are a hazard and the others are badly damaged from the invasive vines that grow up them.  Mr. SFF already confirmed with our neighbor that it was OK to replace the fence and Continue reading “Never Ending Home Projects”