A Full Year on the Path to Financial Independence

Oh what a year it has been!  We started on this journey to financial independence a year ago and I am so happy we started down this road.  At this point I really can’t imagine going the old route of working until my mid-sixties as I am just dreaming of enjoying my days doing what I want each and every day.  And I will fully admit that I have been enjoying the whole process so far. Continue reading “A Full Year on the Path to Financial Independence”

Daring to Dream

I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately.  I know that our goal of reaching FI is closer that I had originally estimated and the side effect is spending more time thinking about what this could actually look like.  Recently I have thought that it would be great to buy a RV and spend some time roaming around the country.  We could spend time traveling around and visiting places we have never been too and even spend some extended periods of time at one location that we found interesting. Continue reading “Daring to Dream”

What Will Early Retirement Look Like?

One question that I have been pondering a lot recently is what exactly I would want to do with all of my free time once I reach financial independence.  I realize that being financially independent itself will not bring happiness and that I am most likely going to need to do something just to keep me active and maybe even make a little income.  And to be honest, my current vision is more of a semi-retirement where we are both earning a small income working part time or doing side hustles.  But what will that be?  Yes, I know it is years down the road but I know that if I can envision what things will look like this might help me reach our FI goal sooner.

I came across this website while trolling the MMM forums where lots of really cool jobs are listed from around the country, hence the website name, www.coolworks.com.  Mr. SFF and I have casually discussed how we could work at a ski resort part time so that we could enjoy the skiing but Continue reading “What Will Early Retirement Look Like?”