Our Forever Home?

I know I am still pretty young but I realized that I not only have no idea what our next home looks like, or even if our our next home will be our forever home.  It’s funny how when you are on the path to FI previous plans can change and all of a sudden big decisions like this become even more important.

When we moved into our owner occupied duplex over 6 years ago our long term plan was to buy another duplex and then eventually a single family home for us, leaving us with two fully rented duplexes with a nice little income stream and then a space to call our own.  We have the other duplex now but as we have since decided leaving our full time jobs sounds more attractive than buying another home.  But that leaves us with the question of how long are we going to stay in our duplex and should we still be planning on our next home as well as planning for FI? Continue reading “Our Forever Home?”

Guest Room Dresser Project

Our guest room is small and is kind of a Hodgepodge of a room.  It serves as our guest room, storage for all of my crafts and other random stuff like suitcases, my periodic exercise room, and also our linen closet.  One of the huge downsides of owning a home built in the late 1800’s is that there is little to no storage so this room kind of does/holds it all.

Since the room is multi-use we decided a bed was a complete waste of space since it was only used as a guest room a couple of weeks per year and left no usable floor space.  We had a futon in there for a couple of years but it was dreadfully uncomfortable.  So last year we build a Murphy bed and purchased a nice memory foam mattress for our guests. Continue reading “Guest Room Dresser Project”

DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project

I recently finished a DIY project that took me a long time to complete (I started in September) but the actual out of pocket costs were very minimal and the end results are amazing!

Our duplex hasn’t been owner occupied in years and some things are not in the greatest shape.  The tile floor in the kitchen is a great example.  A couple of tiles were cracked and the grout was breaking down in places.  As this will eventually be a rental again someday we didn’t want to put a  lot of money into replacing the floor but I did want to make it look a little better.  Continue reading “DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project”

Never Ending Home Projects

It seems that no matter the age of your home (unless it is brand spanking new) there is always something that needs to be repaired, fixed or upgraded.  As our home was build in the 1890’s and has not been owner occupied in decades there is a never ending list of things that need to be done.

We recently had two projects that needed attention.  First was the fence on the south side of our property (the north fence is owned by our neighbors).  We replaced 4 of the fence posts a couple of years ago but the rest of the posts and fence panels need to be replaced.  A few of the panels have fallen over and are a hazard and the others are badly damaged from the invasive vines that grow up them.  Mr. SFF already confirmed with our neighbor that it was OK to replace the fence and Continue reading “Never Ending Home Projects”

Getting Rid of Garden Pets – For Free!

We have two small raised vegetable garden beds in our yard.  Nothing fancy but they provide a little food for us throughout the summer.  Unfortunately, even though we are in an urban area, we seem to have critters digging things up or taking a bite when things start to actually mature.  I am not sure exactly what animals do the damage but I think recently it has been neighborhood cats using the fresh dirt as their litter box.  Yuck!

I have purchased stuff designed to deter animals in the past but it washes away any time it rains and I hate spending extra money on these products.  I also tried buying cayenne pepper Continue reading “Getting Rid of Garden Pets – For Free!”