I am in my mid 30’s, married, and kid-free by choice.  We live in an area where the cost of living is slightly high but the quality of life is pretty great.   I am not passionate about my job and I hope to someday have enough money saved and build up a passive income stream through real estate so I can be financially independent and get out of the rat race.  I am starting this journey to financial independence without any consumer debt and with some money already saved but we still have a long way to go.

Some of the things I am passionate about are living a healthy and active lifestyle, a good DIY project that saves us money, creating alternate money-saving solutions to everyday life, doing my part to reduce waste to help the environment, and traveling with my husband.  Part of this blog will be sharing some things that have worked for me and I hope that maybe I will learn from my readers as well.

Here is the beginning of my story.

Disclosure: This blog is documenting my personal journey and in no way should be construed as personal or financial advice.  I hope to inspire others to evaluate their own lives and make changes to improve their lives financially and personally.  But always consult your own financial professions for advice.

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