A Day of Freedom

This past Thursday evening we had a bunch of people over so I decided to take Friday off as I have some extra vacation time and didn’t want to feel rushed to end the party.  I got to sleep in a little bit still but was up before 8 and then had a pretty productive and amazing day.

A friend swung by the house to pick up something she forgot the night before just after I had gotten up. Mr. SFF and I were in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast when she came in. She inquired if we always had Fridays off. I of course do not but Mr. SFF often has a pretty flexible schedule on Friday. The comment did secretly make my smile knowing that hopefully within a couple of years this would be our reality, not only every Friday but every day of the week.

Knowing how lucky I was to have the day off, I certainly made the best of it. I did some normal house stuff like cleaning up from the night before, I ran a few loads of laundry, and even did some sewing things had been meaning to get to. Nothing amazing or thrilling but it was just so wonderful to have so much time to get this stuff done without having to eat into our weekend fun time.

Once the afternoon rolled around I started to get ready for our night out. We were headed to an amazing Halloween show and I needed to get all dolled up. Normally my beauty routine takes around 10 minutes, including brushing my teeth, with maybe a whole minute for my hair. Yes, I am pretty low maintenance. Yet for Friday I spent more than an hour on my hair alone. OMG, I can’t believe some women do this daily! If this was a normal Friday that I had to work I certainly would not have had the time to straighten my normally curly hair and I would have just settled for something different and easier. But the luxury that I was afforded was truly amazing and even though my arms ached it looked great.  I did recognize how awesome that freedom of time really was since I could spend that amount of time on something like my hair.

The show was about an hour away so we hit up a restaurant in that area and had dinner with my sister and friends before the show.  This was probably more fun than just a usual dinner because we were in costume and it was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday. I picked up the tab for the table as a treat to the birthday boy, my sister, and my friend who just finished her PT boards a couple days previously (ack, I was having an “I am rich and can afford this” moment).

The show itself was great. We got to hang out with the band whom we are close friends with before they started and then danced all the way to the end. In retrospect I should have checked with my sister who was our driver to see when she needed to head home as unlike us, she has a super busy life right now. I didn’t find out until we were loading into the car well after midnight for the hour ride home that she had to work at 7am the next morning. I was so enjoying my own freedom of time that I completely missed the fact that other people are not so lucky.

I checked in with her on Saturday full of guilt.  Thankfully she was able to take a long nap in the morning so she was hanging in there. It is crazy to think though that this could be the way for us going forward. I will have lots of freedom while she will be super busy with life. She is a little older than me and is just headed back to school again. By the time she completes her program I will likely be retired from full time work.  She will just be starting her new career, and hopefully starting her family too, and will likely always be busy. I on the other hand should have the luxury to sleep in, travel if I want, and just in general do whatever I want when I want. It’s interesting how our lives have taken completely different paths. Neither is wrong, they are just very different.  Personally I love the freedom of our path and can’t wait until I can have more days like this past Friday.

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