Being Thankful

Being thankful not only today, but every day.    This journey towards financial independence is a long one. We are almost 2 years into our journey with another few years to go but in the mean time I am really trying to enjoy each and every day. We are so extremely fortunate and I always try to remember that and never take things for granted.  I even vocalize how fortunate we are to my husband periodically just to make sure we acknowledge it. We have good jobs that bring in a steady income stream. We have a healthy marriage where we love and support each other, talk about our goals and dreams as individuals and as a team, and always meet in the middle as we go through life together. We have loving family and great friends.  We have not only a roof over our heads but three rental units creating a nice little income stream. We have enough money to not only feed ourselves but to do so in a way that fits are values and health goals. And we have our health. We have seen many lives lost in the past year and another which was drastically changed due to a ski accident last spring.  So even though my body isn’t perfect and I wish I was taller and had a six pack, I am glad that my body is healthy and strong enough to let me do the things I love.  Yes, I am thankful today and every day.

It would be so easy to take some of these things for granted but I don’t, or at least really try not to.  To not only have this dream of financial independence but the resources and drive to get there is amazing.  Are there days where I wish we could just start the next stage of our life now?  Sure.  But then I remind myself at how lucky I really am.  And I truly believe that it is about the journey and not the destination.  So every morning I wake up and smile. And I try to make the most of the day whether I am at my desk or doing something fun with my husband.  Not every day is easy but most days are not a struggle and I always have a warm home and fresh food to go home to and a loving husband waiting to give me a hug.

So today, and every day if even it’s just for a minute, I try to remind myself at how lucky I am and to be grateful for everything and everyone around me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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