A Free Weekend Getaway!

After very busy summer and even busier fall, last weekend Mr. SFF and I finally had an entire weekend to ourselves!  And what did we decided to do?  Get away from it all, disconnected out in the woods and it was wonderful!!

Mr. SFF’s extended family (his mother’s cousin) own a small little camp out in the woods.  He encourages family members to come out and use it as he lives out of state and can’t come up all that often but it often sits empty.  Apparently no one has used the camp for the past two years.  The camp itself is nothing special, just a small main room with double bunk beds, a small kitchen and small bath with another set of bunk beds but it has everything you might need for a relaxing weekend.  The thing that does make the camp special is the fact the Mr. SFF’s great-grandmother was actually born on the property (the original cabin burned years ago).  So there is history and the property is beautiful.

The camp is about 75 minutes from our house so a nice manageable drive.  Mr. SFF used Friday afternoon to prep food by making a large batch of chili and some corn bread for dinners on both Friday and Saturday.  This made things so much easier as we were really able to relax when we arrive Friday evening.  We collected some fire wood, started a fire, and settled in for the night.  After eating our dinner we played a board game and then spent the rest of the night reading.  It was so wonderful to not have electronics or a TV to distract us.  Just the two of us in the peace and quiet of the cabin.  Our phones actually did have service but after some quick (and very important) texts with my mom I put my phone away for the rest of the weekend.

Ticket To Ride- Europe (I won!)

Saturday we decided to spend out in nature.  After a quick drive up the road we were at the trail head to a mountain that we had hiked a couple of years ago from the other side.  The weather was cool but very comfortable and the scenery was amazing!  It turns out that we hit peak foliage season just right!  We really couldn’t have planned it better (especially since our weekends usually fill up).


The top was a little cooler with the breeze but the view was spectacular!  The last time we hiked this mountain we were socked in by clouds so the view last weekend was really a treat, especially with all of the beautiful colors down in the valley.  There is also a fire tower up top so you can even get a little higher up to check things out.

photo-oct-08-11-58-52-amWe enjoyed a nice quiet lunch, just the two of us, while we enjoyed the view.  After we were done eating there were some other groups of people that showed up so we even timed our hike perfectly.  I heard that many of the other popular mountains had hundreds of people so I was glad that we were on one of the less traveled trails.  And although I have been in the mountains quite a bit over the summer as training for my Spartan racing, this was the first hike this year where I was with Mr. SFF and the first time I was going slow so I could truly enjoy all the scenery.

The hike itself was amazing but the drive to and from the cabin was also spectacular.  On the way to the trail head in the morning a car from Tennessee swerved as he rounded the corner to see a beautiful view by a pond.  He quickly pulled over to enjoy it fully but we stopped on our way back and it didn’t disappoint.


I mean seriously, how beautiful is this?!?  And there were taken with my iphone.  You should see the ones taken from Mr. SFF’s camera!


When we returned to the cabin we walked one of the trails across the street to a little stream to check things out there.  There were less deciduous trees but there were beautiful leaves in the water.  Mr. SFF spent some time taking some photos while I just enjoyed the quiet of nature.


We then headed back to the cabin for some chili and then more time to read.  One of the best things about not being at home is that we so rarely have time to just sit and read.


There was even one gem on the bookshelves that I wished I had more time to read.  This book was printed in 1939 and from the introduction I get the impression that the author loved personal finance.  I can’t image how much she would have loved personal finance blogs nowadays!


We were lucky enough to run into the couple who takes care of the cabin on Saturday evening.  They obviously take really good care of the cabin and it is so sad the family doesn’t take advantage of it.  So before we even left we decided we are going to try to come back at least once a year, if not more often.  Our schedules often get very busy but it was such a treat to get some quiet time together that we can’t wait to to it again.

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