Monthly Food Update – #9

Another month gone by in our journey and our food expenses look pretty much the same.  We went out three times which is more than I would like but two were special occasions and once was after helping my sister for a few hours and we were famished for lunch.

One dinner out was to celebrate our anniversary (happy 8 years Mr. SFF!).  My lovely mother in law sent us a check for $200 to celebrate this special occasion so that is exactly what we did.  We went out to a nicer restaurant and spent $133.48 for dinner, drinks and dessert (including tax and tip).  This was certainly a nice treat and something we would not have done if it were not for my mother in laws generosity.  

My last race of the year was in September and I have found that I am “cheating” a little more with my diet.  I have eaten more desserts and sweets that I would not have normally eaten and realized that I have no dessert category for tracking.  I am trying to reel this side of things back in because desserts really don’t provide the bang for your buck when it comes to nutritional value so hopefully this isn’t something I really need to worry about going forward.  For now, those are listed under the “snacks” category.

Sept 8 – Oct 7

Category Totals Breakfast $40.39
Food $551.64 Lunch $124.98
Groceries $48.24 Dinner $199.61
Alcohol $5.99 Snacks $120.22
Ingredients $22.76
Entertaining $0.00
General household $3.00
Cleaning $27.27
Personal care $17.97
Rental Properties $0.00
Alcohol $5.99
Beverages $43.68

Total spent dining out: $200.14

This past month along with my usual dinner photos I also tried to calculate the cost per serving of some of our meals.  Sometimes this is easy as I buy everything at the same time and other times it is not which is why there isn’t a cost next to everything.

2016-09-09-18-24-17 2016-09-10-19-20-56 2016-09-11-18-41-09 2016-09-13-19-05-18  2016-09-14-18-34-02 2016-09-15-18-41-48 2016-09-19-18-38-39 2016-09-21-18-51-38 2016-09-23-18-38-35 2016-09-25-17-52-53 2016-09-28-18-46-55 photo-oct-02-6-57-20-pm photo-oct-05-7-17-16-pm

9/9: Salmon, kale (from garden), GF roll $4.50 per serving
9/10: Pork, sweet potatoes, kale (from garden) $6.29
9/11: Salad with chicken, sliced almonds, dried cranberries
9/13: Tofu stir fry with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots over rice noodles
9/14: Salad with chicken, sliced almonds, dried cranberries
9/15: Ham, cauliflower, carrots
9/19: Chicken, wilted kale, beets
9/21: Chicken, kale (from garden), GF roll $4.21
9/23: Ham with pineapple, asparagus, cauliflower $4.51
9/25: Ham with pineapple, kale (from garden), GF roll $3.57
9/28: Ham, asparagus, sweet potatoes $6
10/2: GF pasta with sausage and carrots (from garden), broccoli and zucchini $4.59
10/5: Salad with chicken, carrots (from garden), cucumbers, and goat cheese

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