When Boredom Leads to Unhappiness

I have been a little absent from my blog over the past couple of months, posting very little of interest.  I am attributing this to my lack of down time at work and also being busier outside of work.  There are some changes coming up at work (more to come on this soon) and I have been busier which means less time daydreaming about what my life could be like without work.  It’s kinda funny that my husband and tell right away if I was busy at work or bored out of my mind as it has a direct correlation to my mood.  Busy most of the day and I am generally happy.  But if have time to twiddle my thumbs (ie: browse the web) I am usually less happy by the time I get home.

At the beginning of the year, especially right after our vacation, I was in a pretty big funk and the boredom at work really didn’t help.  At that time I crunched the numbers and if we worked really hard and the market cooperated (the big unknown there) I figured out it could be possible to reach FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) in 3 years.  We would certainly have to be extra careful but with some planning we could make it work.

Throughout this entire year I have been thinking “just 3 more years”.  But now that we are into October, a full 3/4 of the way through the year, I am still thinking to myself “3 more years”.  Of course if I keep doing this we will never reach our goal but I think what this means is that I can probably stick things out for another 3+ years, giving us another full year of savings over my stretch goal I set earlier in the year.   The reason for this is that I have been less bored and generally happier with life in general.  And working for another year would certainly be good as I am pretty conservative and having another $30-$50k saved would certainly make me feel a lot more secure when we jump ship.

Living in the Present and Finding Happiness

One other thing I have been trying to do as well is enjoying the present.  Yes, we have this wonderful goal that we are working towards but I am really trying to enjoy the journey as well.  As the saying goes “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” and I must say, it was an amazing summer!  I have been hiking and out in the mountains more this past summer than the past couple years combined.  I even took a random day off work mid-week to go on a hike by myself, just trying to recenter myself and get my mind back in the game and it was wonderful.  Of course, days like that are also a glimpse into what the future could hold as going for a random hike mid-week won’t be hindered by a job but the point is that I am really trying to just enjoy life, be content with how things are now, and just be happy.  I really am lucky to be in a financially secure position and remind myself frequently to be thankful for this.

The only thing that has been missing is quality time with my husband.  I was busy this summer with training for my Spartan races, often heading out for 6 or more hours on the weekends just to train in the mountains and Mr. SFF spends a lot of weekend days working one of his jobs.  We are really looking forward to October because we have a few weekends coming up with nothing scheduled.  We are hoping to get out to a family camp out in the woods just so we can have some quiet time to reconnect and enjoy nature.

So although I am dedicated to FIRE more than ever I am also dedicated to my life now and all the wonders it currently holds.  And I am really glad that my life has been busier as I have been happier as well.  So I guess this blog post should really be titled When A Busy Life Leads to a Happy Life.

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