Monthly Food Update #8

Wow, I have been so busy and preoccupied with life that I am way behind on my post.  There is nothing really notable about this past month’s food budget other than going out socially a few times so our dining out costs were slightly higher but our general food costs were in control and within our normal range.

One thing we have started doing a couple of months ago was making our own pizzas instead of ordering out.  I am not talking all the way from scratch as that is too much work but at least putting our own together.  No matter which route we go with this it is not cheap as I am gluten free but I have found it is slightly less expensive if we make our own and we have decided we actually prefer our homemade ones.  There happens to a company, Against The Grain, that makes AMAZING gluten free items.  When we are in the mood for a pizza night I usually buy the three cheese pizza (in the freezer section) and then we put on our own toppings.  Our recent favorite is adding chorizo, red peppers, and some kale or Swiss chard from our garden.  Amazingly yummy and making my mouth water as I type this.  Last time I made one I itemized out the costs just to see how much it was saving us.

Against the Grain 3 Cheese Pizza $9.90
Red Pepper $1.73
Chorizo* $3
Kale from garden
 Total $14.63

*The chorizo was actually enough for more than one meal so I am only accounting for the amount we used.

At $7.31 per person this is not cheap but is less expensive than ordering out.  We can buy the pepperoni pizza and save the money on the chorizo but this depends on our moods.  When we do order out there is only one place that does delivery of GF pizzas so we don’t have a plethora of options.  Normally our orders come to about $24, sometimes $29 if Mr. SFF wants to add in some bread sticks.  So by making our own we usually have a savings of about $10 and as we actually prefer the Against The Grain pizzas now anyways I am calling this a win.


So what were our total costs for the month, because really that is what this is all about.

Aug 8-Sept 7      
Category Totals Purpose
Food $546.99 Breakfast $66.57
Groceries $35.22 Lunch $79.97
Alcohol $17.98 Dinner $267.71
Snacks $98.01
Ingredients $12.32
Entertaining $0.00
General household $5.59
Cleaning $6.58
Personal care $23.05
Rental Properties $0.00
Alcohol $17.98
Beverages $22.41

Dining out costs: $139.91

Although I would love to keep our dining out costs a little lower this is still significantly less than what we were spending a year or two ago so I am OK with this.  And considering this was actually 4 nights out so it could have easily been a little more.

And here are some of our meals for the month:

2016-08-09-18-36-07 2016-08-12-18-43-04 2016-08-17-18-37-16 2016-08-19-18-29-02 2016-08-20-19-07-102016-08-21-18-45-09 2016-08-28-18-23-40 2016-08-30-18-19-12 2016-08-31-18-27-34 2016-09-02-16-47-422016-09-03-19-48-57 2016-09-06-18-53-51 2016-09-07-18-50-19

8/9: grilled salmon, wilted kale, carrots
8/12: grilled pork, broccoli, carrots and potatoes
8/17: grilled chicken salad with pears, goat cheese and dried cranberries
8/19: ground turkey tacos with rice, beans and cheese with a side of chips
8/20: glazed salmon with wilted kale and a GF roll
8/21: pork tenderloin, roasted cauliflower, GF roll
8/28: grilled chicken with kale & quinoa salad
8/30: honey mustard chicken, wilted kale with beets
8/31: pork tenderloin, carrots and broccoli
9/2: salad with Bree, apples, and sliced almonds (followed by a trip to the fair)
9/3: glazed salmon, green beans with dried cranberries and sliced almonds, GF roll
9/6: pork, broccoli, GF roll
9/7: chicken, grilled sweet potatoes, carrots w/sesame seeds, GF roll

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