Monthly Food Update – #7

I will admit that I have been slacking on my food logs recently, hence the delay in this post.  This past month as a little out of the norm.  We had a super relaxing vacation but then spent the following week changing over two apartments.  As a result I fell behind on logging receipts until there was a huge pile and often forgot to take photos of our meals.  Alas, that is life.

Costs this month are not quite as accurate as usual as we spent a week on vacation in Rhode Island.  We share a house with my mother in law, an uncle and all of our meals are generally cooked so thankfully dining out costs end up being fairly low.   Usually I am the one in charge of tallying the share of costs at the end of the week but since we left a day early this year my mother in law was the one in charge.  She never asked us to give her any additional money so the grocery store runs we made likely covered the cost of all of our food for the week.  For the purposes of this blog post I am just going to assume we spent an even $100 for the two of us for the entire week and broke it out between breakfast, lunch and dinner costs.  This could be off but is probably close enough.

Per the suggestion of one reader I added another page to my site with some of our favorite recipes.  These may not be the most cost effective recipes but they are some of our favorites in regular rotation.  I will try to add more as the seasons change and as different types of meals get added to our regular schedule.  When possible I might also try to add the average cost of those meals but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Although we still spend quite a bit on food compared to some other frugal people out there I feel that we have plateaued to a point where as long as we are careful and do some meal planning I am content with our current average spending on food.  Would I like our costs to be lower?  Of course, but I am happy with this middle ground where we are still eating healthy home cooked meals and eating out very seldom.

July 8-Aug 7
Category Totals Purpose
Food $504.70 Breakfast $80.22
Groceries $50.90 Lunch $83.62
Alcohol $119.46 Dinner $200.41
Snacks $42.48
Ingredients $19.65
Entertaining $66.64
General household $8.18
Cleaning $18.17
Personal care $24.55
Rental Properties $0.00
Alcohol $119.46
Beverages $11.68

Alcohol costs were slightly higher due to vacation as we bought some to share with friends and family.  We also hosted my sister’s birthday and she requested steak tips from this amazing meat market so the entertaining costs are more like a birthday present that we all got to savor (yum).

In addition to these monthly totals we had one night with takeout pizza, treating an aunt to breakfast at the end of vacation (after she treated us to an amazing dinner the night before) and takeout Chinese on one of the nights when we were changing over one of the apartments.  These all totaled $84.77 which is slightly higher than usual but nothing too problematic.  So the total food costs for the month were $589.47.  Meh.  Not great but not terrible.  But one awesome thing is that we started harvesting from our garden.  We got things going a little late but we have been able to harvest kale (my favorite) a handful of times.  I am keeping track of how often we harvest to see what kind of cost savings our small raised beds give us.

Here are what some of our meals looked like over the past month.

2016-07-14 19.15.39 2016-07-25 19.25.33  2016-08-02 19.19.04 2016-08-03 18.48.13 2016-08-04 18.38.09 2016-08-05 19.15.14

7/14: pork chop (seasoned with salt and powdered sage), wilted kale with beets, grilled zucchini, green beans
7/25: grilled salmon and wilted kale
8/2: glazed salmon, green beans and gluten free roll
8/3: pork chop, roasted cauliflower, carrots with dried cranberries
8/4: pork chop, roasted cauliflower, green beans with sliced almonds and dried cranberries
8/5: turkey burger on GF roll, glazed carrots, wilted kale

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