Monthly Food Update – #6

I know, another food update.  I promise I am working on some other topics but I just gotten distracted lately.  So this past month was a little brutal.  Our grocery store food costs were actually OK but a long weekend to CT completely blew our food budget with four meals eaten out.  We spent more money dining out in just those four days than we have probably spent all year.  Ouch!  Did we have a great time visiting friends?  Yes without a doubt.  But it certainly hurt the wallet.  The funny thing is that we used to dine out all the time but now it is just painful when I look at the numbers.

On a positive note, this past month I made a mini chalkboard to list our weekly meals.  I keep our weekly meal plan on a google spreadsheet but now we have a nice little visual right in the kitchen.  I already had the supplies to make the chalkboard, including the chalkboard paint, so this little project didn’t cost anything.  It’s not perfect but it seems to work pretty well.

2016-07-08 07.37.39 copy
Last weeks menu as set on Sunday.

I had one big shopping trip to Costco with my sister to stock up so I am hoping that next monthly costs will be slightly lower.  I bought a lot of organic chicken which is good because their pricing is reasonable and I know Mr. SFF wants to incorporate more organic food in our diets again.  I waiver back and forth on buying more or less organic foods depending on how I feel money is going for that month.  I guess I am inconsistent but it is one of my struggles and I recognize this.

June 8 – July 7
Category Totals Purpose
Food $513.13 Breakfast $55.05
Groceries $25.42 Lunch $120.17
Alcohol $33.96 Dinner $226.62
Snacks $68.40
Ingredients $7.98
Entertaining $0.00
General household $13.35
Cleaning $2.00
Personal care $10.07
Rental Properties $0.00
Alcohol $33.96
Beverages $34.91

Dining out costs: (the painful piece)
Dinner with friends 6/12: $50
Dinner 7/1: $50.82
Lunch 7/3: $66.04
Dinner: 7/3: $168.91 (we paid for our friend as it was his 40th birthday)
Breakfast 7/4: $30

Total: $365.77

40% of the total money spent on food for the month was spent on five meals dining out.  Time to reel things back in and get back on track.  We have our annual vacation coming up but I am hoping that we can keep costs in check as we usually are pretty good about planning meals with the family.  And I know that although this month was not great we have drastically reduced our luxurious food costs from where they were at last year so we can survive this little bump in the road.

Here are some of this past month’s meals:

2016-06-08 19.15.05 2016-06-09 18.57.48 2016-06-13 18.39.26 2016-06-14 18.36.48 2016-06-15 19.20.49 2016-06-16 18.08.47 2016-06-17 18.57.33 2016-06-20 19.03.12 2016-06-21 19.45.30 2016-06-23 19.05.37 2016-06-24 18.40.32 2016-06-27 07.01.37  2016-06-30 18.42.02 2016-07-05 19.31.53

6/8: balsamic chicken with roasted cauliflower and carrots
6/9: balsamic chicken with carrots, beets and a GF roll
6/13: pork tenderloin, carrots, green beans with dried cranberries and sliced almonds and a GF roll
6/14: balsamic chicken, wilted kale and beets
6/15: tofu stir fry
6/16: chicken, grilled zucchini, carrots
6/17: shrimp, wilted kale, grilled sweet potatoes
6/20: tequila lime chicken, grilled zucchini, grilled sweet potatoes
6/21: salmon, asparagus, quinoa
6/23: honey mustard chicken, carrots, quinoa
6/24: pork chop, asparagus, sweet potato fries
6/27: my normal steel cut oats for breakfast but with added fresh berries
6/27: tofu stir fry
6/28: tequila lime chicken, wilted kale, sweet potatoes
6/30: Against the Grain gluten free pizza with added red pepper, chorizo and kale (so yummy!!)
7/5: chicken, carrots, wilted kale and beets

2 thoughts on “Monthly Food Update – #6

  1. This is amazing! Your meals look so delicious (and healthy and well-portioned) and I am impressed you have a breakdown of all of your grocery-related purchasing, even down to the meal. The most successful we ever were at a food budget was before the baby, when we both agreed to fend for ourselves and spend only our allotted $220 cash each per month. It was helpful for a few months but not a good long term solution. I need to do posts like these – please continue them. Where do you find your recipes?

    1. I am glad you enjoy my posts! $220 per person is certainly reasonable and I wish we could get our costs that low but can’t seem to make it happen. I bet with a baby things are more difficult as you have less time to plan and track things. Tracking things is certainly a little time consuming but does help.
      We often improvise some of our recipes but I have thought about putting some on the blog so I will work on that.

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