My 2016 Clothing Ban

No, I am not banning wearing clothes, I am banning buying clothes for the entire year, and possibly longer.  Well, I already purchased a skirt on super sale in January costing a bank account breaking $3.49, but other than that, I decided months ago that I am not going to buy a single piece of clothing for the entire year.

Why am I doing this?  Because sometimes I can get the urge to buy something for myself and although I have been pretty good since starting this journey towards FI I know myself well enough that having the actual goal, shared publicly here, would make it even more powerful and keep me accountable.

Last week was a great example of this.  Periodically companies around town will host a factory sale.  Last week I saw one for a local clothing company that I love.  I have never even seen a factory sale from them before so my interest was peaked, until I remember that I was trying to not buy any clothes.  Hence this post.  Making it real.  Making myself write it down to keep myself from going to awesome sales like this one.  And even having this post topic in the back of my head was thankfully enough to steer me away.

I also have in the past bought clothes when having one of those day.  You know the one?  Where nothing really goes wrong per se but I just end up feeling blah.  Days like these in the past could be temporarily remedied by a quick trip to the store to pick up a new article of clothing.  I am not talking hundred of dollars types of shopping trips but just a piece of clothing here and there to lift my mood or satisfy and urge.   This year I have been able to recognize these feelings and urges for what they are and have thankfully avoided the stores and instead of feeling deprived I have actually felt better for it.

Now I will say that my ban against buying new clothes does have a slight asterisk as back in April I bought a new pair of running shoes.  To me these don’t fall in the category of regular clothing as my old running shoes were getting worn and this can lead to problems like injury, etc if they are not replaced.  While checking out I did ask when I had purchased my last pair (they actually have this info on file) and it was April of 2014 so a full 2 years ago.  So I bought the new running shoes and am still considering myself on track with this goal.

I don’t envision this goal saving me all that much money as I have been able to keep my spending mostly in check but it will hopefully save a little.  Also, I am trying to be happier with what I have in my life so this is an extension of concept.  Things won’t bring long-term happiness but experiences will and I am saving for those future experiences.

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