Could We Ever Return To a “Normal” Life?

Over the long weekend Mr. SFF and I went for a great bike ride enjoying the beautiful weather, time together and the extra day off.  While riding around we went down some roads I haven’t been down in ages and there were all of these new developments going up.  I mean, a lot of them.  Some of the houses seemed reasonably sized while others seems pretty big.  And as I passed all these houses I started wondering if I could ever go back to a “normal” life where I would desire one of these houses.  And the answer is I am really not sure I could. Continue reading “Could We Ever Return To a “Normal” Life?”

How Our Rental Property Has Accelerated Our FI Date

Rental properties are certainly not stress free but man, do can they provide income!  Our new duplex has had a little bit of stress and work associated with it but really nothing substantial.  We continue to have good communication with the tenant who was paying rent late and this past month he was on time so there was improvement.

But one of the best things about a rental is the cash flow.   Continue reading “How Our Rental Property Has Accelerated Our FI Date”

Monthly Food Costs – Update #4

After another full month of tracking our food and grocery expenses I feel that we are finding a good system that works for us.  Are we still spending more than the average family?  Maybe.  But we are saving a ton of money compared to our 2015 food costs and still eating healthy.

I am still doing meal planning on Sundays and find that this is the key to making this work.  I usually only plan meals through Wednesday and then do a mid-week plan for the rest of the week.  Although this is not my favorite part of the day on Sunday I do find that there is a lot less stress mid-week when it comes to food so it has been worth it.  Here is my meal plan from last week. Continue reading “Monthly Food Costs – Update #4”

Growing Up in a Hoity-Toity Town

I was recently thinking about how the town I grew up in might have shaped the way I feel about money.  Both Mr. SFF and I had similar backgrounds even though we grew up in different states.   Our home towns were both upper middle class and great places to raise children but as we both watched as our families struggled through difficult times and I can’t help but wonder if this shaped the way we manage our money today.  (And to be clear, neither of us have even been given or inherited any money from our families. All of our wealth we have created on our own.) Continue reading “Growing Up in a Hoity-Toity Town”