Post Vacation Depression

You know how when you come back from vacation you are supposed to be well rested and ready to tackle the world again?  Well, that didn’t exactly happen for me once I settled back into my work schedule last week.  Don’t get me wrong, the vacation was great, but it was the assimilation back into the real world that was the problem.

First off, the time change in addition to daylight savings time really messed with both of our internal clocks.  Daylight Savings and the loss of that one precious hour happened only one day before we flew home.  We never adjusted to the loss of the one hour before tacking on the two time zone changes as well.  So for the whole rest of the week (Tuesday-Friday) both of us struggled every morning when that stupid alarm clock went off.  It made me dread work more and make me wonder if we could just quit our jobs now.  I really was dreaming of the day when my schedule would not longer require an alarm.

As I tweaked my knee the last Saturday of our vacation I was taking it easy exercise-wise and didn’t work out all week.  I could have probably done some light workouts but ended up skipping everything entirely.  Not being able to work out my stress and frustration physically certainly did not help me mental state.

The downward spiral continued to a pretty low point towards the end of the week.  My job can be a little slow at times and this leaves way too much time to dream of alternate life options.  Could we downsize everything this year, rent out our unit, and then just travel around in an RV?  I will admit I got a little obsessed throughout the week and even started looking at RVs for sale.  Would it be a ready to go Class B RV or should we remodel a vintage Airstream to make it winter friendly and suit our individual needs?  You name the scenario and I probably thought of it.

I even put together a new spreadsheet to calculate the costs of what this might look like.  We would have a little more rental income from our unit but would need to hire a property manager for all 4 units thereby losing some income.  I added in any fixed costs we would still incur and then put together estimates of what our travel expenses, including RV site fees, might look like.  The funny thing is that we are actually pretty close, based on my rough estimates, of being able to make it work, but not close enough.

Towards the end of last week I finally admitted to my husband that I was having trouble and was in a little bit of a funk, which he had already noticed of course.  I know that we are so fortunate to be where we are in our lives.  As we have always lived below our means we have everything we need in our day to day lives without having to worry about making the next mortgage payment.  Most people would love to be where we are so why was I so unhappy?  Ugh… #firstworldproblems

One thing I did that helped was I started a countdown to my stretch goal using an app on my phone.  I would love to retire from full time employment when I hit age 40.  Is this possible?  Maybe.  But by putting this date in an app on my phone with a countdown going, I suddenly had a little more hope.  I had a hard date and goal to work towards.  I am not ready to add this countdown to my blog as we need another year of savings to see if it is possible but it is amazing how much it helped having this new number in my head.  Want something in life?  Set a goal!

2016-03-23 13.28.35

Anyways, after chatting with my husband and working myself out of the funk, I think I am finally get back to my status quo – dreaming for the day when we reach FI but OK with waiting a few more years.  

Phew, I feel better now that I have gotten that off my chest!

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