DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project

I recently finished a DIY project that took me a long time to complete (I started in September) but the actual out of pocket costs were very minimal and the end results are amazing!

Our duplex hasn’t been owner occupied in years and some things are not in the greatest shape.  The tile floor in the kitchen is a great example.  A couple of tiles were cracked and the grout was breaking down in places.  As this will eventually be a rental again someday we didn’t want to put a  lot of money into replacing the floor but I did want to make it look a little better.  Continue reading “DIY: Tile “Regrout” Project”

A Snow Filled Week of Fun

We just got home after an amazing week out in the mountains of Utah.  As we are currently experiencing our worst winter snow-wise in 60 years at home (not just a feeling, there are measurable statistics about the lack of snowfall) we were very excited about spending the week in Utah on some natural and hopefully fluffy snow.  For the first part of the trip a couple of our friends joined us and then some family and their friends joined for the second half of the trip.

2016-03-10 11.05.25-1

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DIY Beauty Face Washes

Over the past year I have been playing around with some DIY beauty products.  These are some of the reasons I have been doing this.

  • I am trying to reduce the number of chemicals I apply (and ingest) to my body
  • Cost savings
  • Creating an individualized solution for my body
  • Using ingredients and supplies I already have in the house (no trips to the store)
  • Plus, I just enjoy doing this

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Monthly Food Costs – Update

This week marked the second month of tracking all food and grocery store purchases.  After a surprising first month we buckled down and made some changes to our eating habits in an attempt to reduce our obscenely high food costs.  I have found that this takes more time and planning but overall we did reduce our expenses.

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A Full Year on the Path to Financial Independence

Oh what a year it has been!  We started on this journey to financial independence a year ago and I am so happy we started down this road.  At this point I really can’t imagine going the old route of working until my mid-sixties as I am just dreaming of enjoying my days doing what I want each and every day.  And I will fully admit that I have been enjoying the whole process so far. Continue reading “A Full Year on the Path to Financial Independence”