Daring to Dream

I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately.  I know that our goal of reaching FI is closer that I had originally estimated and the side effect is spending more time thinking about what this could actually look like.  Recently I have thought that it would be great to buy a RV and spend some time roaming around the country.  We could spend time traveling around and visiting places we have never been too and even spend some extended periods of time at one location that we found interesting.

The reason I like this plan is that we could still come home so that Mr. SFF could do his side hustle when the busy season rolls around but spend the rest of the time moving about and exploring.  We would love to spend a full month or winter just skiing and I have even found that there are some year round RV parks near some of the great ski areas in the US and Canada.

As I have never spent any time (other than when I was less than 3) in an RV for an extended period of time I have no idea if I would actually enjoy this or feel stir crazy being confined to such a small space.  But I think my point is that I want to get out and live and explore the world.    

I recently came across The Holstee Manifesto which I think perfectly sums up my dreams and goals of FI.  Life is short so we should be spending it doing what we love and what makes us happy.  Here’s to hoping we can stay on track and make these dreams a reality.


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