We’re “Real” Landlords!

We’re “real” landlord!  I know that sounds funny but our primary house is a duplex and although we technically have been landlords for more than 4 years renting out the other half of our property I feel like buying a completely separate investment property somehow makes us “real” landlords.  Even since we bought our current home the plan was to buy another investment property and low and behold, we have done it!  We just closed on a duplex yesterday. Continue reading “We’re “Real” Landlords!”

A Year In Review – 2015

Yup, I am just going to start off admitting that I had started to draft this post a couple of days ago but after finally having a chance to sit down with my husband last night I realized that I had to start over.  Why might you ask?  Because I made some assumptions about our total expenditures that were off and had a very eye opening moment when I came to some expenses, namely groceries.

I will start by saying that this experience has been great and although we have not even been on this FI journey for a full year yet I am so thankful we started down this road.  Our finances are obviously in a better place but I am also happier as we are working towards this goal together, making process, and I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.  All of this is helping me get through the daily monotony of the rat race.  Do we still have years before we are fully financially independent?  Yes, but we are making process towards the goal and continuing to learn more along the way. Continue reading “A Year In Review – 2015”