Our Non-Traditional Christmas

Christmas is truly a wonderful time of year.  Holiday cheer, a snow covered ground (which is severely lacking this year), quality time with family, and delicious meals are just a few things that brighten my day.  One of the things I detest are the mobs of people rushing out to get gifts for friends and family, sometimes accompanied by road rage once they are back in their cars.  Now it is going to hard to not sound like a scrooge here, but gift giving is not my favorite thing to do and for several years now in our immediate families (parents, siblings and their spouses) we have bucked the trend and decided not to exchange presents.  Now before you judge, let me explain. Continue reading “Our Non-Traditional Christmas”

I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair for a Year

Yes, you read that correctly.  I have not used shampoo or conditioner on my hair for a full year.  “But why would you go to this extreme” you might ask.  Because I am trying to use less chemical on my body (I mean, do you even know what half of the ingredients are on the back of a bottle?!?) as well as it is saving me a boatload of money.  After a full year of going “no-poo” I can confidently say this works well for me.  My hair is healthier, my curls are more consistent, and I have little to no frizz.  Prior to going “no-poo”, my hair could frizz out like Bozo The Clown.  Not a good look! Continue reading “I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair for a Year”