Being Thankful, Every Day

My life my not be perfect but it is pretty darn good and I do, on a regular basis, try to recognize this and be thankful for what I have.  I have a very loving and supporting husband, a roof over our heads (that also provides income from the other unit), a stable albeit boring job, plenty of healthy food on our table, the freedom to live the life I want, and the opportunity to dream.

During difficult times I think all of us have gone to that place.  You know the one?  The dark one where everything seems wrong? Or a bad job makes your whole life miserable?  Well I am happy to report that I am not currently in one of those places but I was three years ago at my old job.  So now, I am thankful for where I am, knowing where I have been and that it could be worse.

Do I dream of having time to travel, time to go hiking or hit the slopes mid-week when the snow is fresh?  Sure. But I am thankful that my current situation is not only stable but that we are working towards something better.  Every dollar we save gets us closer to our dream of financial independence and that dream keeps me motivated to continue on this journey.

“First They Killed My Father”

That sub-title may seem a little strange but it is actually the title of a book by Loung Ung, which Angelina Jolie is currently making into a movie.  I happen to know the niece of the author (both whom went to the same college as me) which is how I knew about the book but if you have not read this, you should go check it out.  This book is a moving memoir about Loung’s life as a child growing up in Cambodia during the rising of the Khmer Rouge.  Not only was it incredible to learn about my friend’s family and the struggles they went through on a daily basis but that there are people around the world that still have these types of struggles.  They didn’t even have boring jobs to complain about because they were constantly just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

I finished this book over the summer and it made me realize that no matter how bad one day may be for me or how bored I may be sitting at my desk 5 days a week, I am truly lucky to have a desk to sit at.  I really have nothing to complain about and am (or always try to be) thankful for the life I live.  If you need to be reminded about how lucky you are, even if you are not where you want to be, pick up this book and it will bring a whole new perspective to your life.

So this Thanksgiving I am looking around at my family, who love me for who I am, and being thankful for the wonderful life I have the pleasure to live.  Smile today, hug a loved one, and be thankful for your life.

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