Being Thankful, Every Day

My life my not be perfect but it is pretty darn good and I do, on a regular basis, try to recognize this and be thankful for what I have.  I have a very loving and supporting husband, a roof over our heads (that also provides income from the other unit), a stable albeit boring job, plenty of healthy food on our table, the freedom to live the life I want, and the opportunity to dream.

During difficult times I think all of us have gone to that place.  You know the one?  The dark one where everything seems wrong? Or a bad job makes your whole life miserable?  Well I am happy to report that I am not currently in one of those places but I was three years ago at my old job.  So now, I am thankful for where I am, knowing where I have been and that it could be worse. Continue reading “Being Thankful, Every Day”

Offer Accepted!

That scary moment when you open the email titled “Counter Offer!” and find out that your low ball offer on a property was not accepted but that the seller has a very reasonable counter offer which is well below your max.  My heart was racing as I realized that our goal of owning another real estate investment (other than are owner occ duplex) could actually happen, soon.   Continue reading “Offer Accepted!”

Weekend in Review – Spartan Beast Race in SC

Yes, I traveled 1000 miles to compete in a Spartan Race.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But fun and totally worth it? YES!  In case you are a new reader, I have a passion for fitness and run in Spartan obstacle course races.  I may be frugal but fitness is one area of my life where I do spend some money, although as responsibly as possible.

A Spartan race is an obstacle course race where you do anything from going over/under walls,  climbing ropes, barbed wire crawls, cargo nets, sandbag carries, etc.  Just think military style obstacles and you get the idea.  To some people this sounds nuts but I absolutely love it!  This is not the cheapest hobby but I have been doing my best to participate without breaking the bank and my budget.

Continue reading “Weekend in Review – Spartan Beast Race in SC”