My Bike Challenge = Fail, Sort of…

Back in May I had challenged myself to try to bike to work at least once per week up to Labor Day in order to save a little bit of money, and also because it is good exercise.  The plan seems really reasonable and would mean biking 15 times throughout the summer.  I started out strong, even biking twice one week in late May but when I sprained my ankle at the beginning of July things went south.

I took time off from all forms of cardio for a few weeks and even though biking could be seen as an easy low-impact exercise, I did not bike to work for five weeks.  The total number of days I ended up riding to work during my challenge time frame was only eight days.  Yup I failed, miserably.  The good news is that the weather in September was really nice and I continued to ride past my challenge date and have even now continued into October, admittedly though out of necessity.

As we are a one car family there are times that we need to shuffle things around so that Mr. SFF can take the car.  Both Thursday and Friday of last week Mr. SFF needed to use the car.  He could have dropped me off at work both mornings but I instead chose to ride both to and from work.  Thursday morning was a brisk 37 degrees but I just layered up in my cold weather clothes and had a pleasant, albeit chilly, ride to work.  As I rode away Mr. SFF said he was impressed as I am usually a fair weather rider.  He on the other hand is crazy enough to ride year round, even in the snow.

2015-10-16 07.48.31

My ride home Thursday, well, didn’t happen.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot I realized I had a flat tire.  I had a spare tube with me but unfortunately no bike pump.  Doh!  A coworker lives right around the corner so I walked over to her house to use her pump but as I have presta valves her pump wouldn’t work.  Thankfully she had a yoga class just a couple of miles from my house and she already had her bike rack on the car so she just drove me most of the way home (I walked the last mile so she wouldn’t be late to class).

Thursday night once Mr. SFF got home he replaced my tube, patched the old one, and gave me a pump for next time.  He also gave me a pump converter that screws right on the value just in case I come across a situation where I have to use a non-presta pump in the future.  I am so glad that he is a great bike mechanic!

Friday thankfully was a less eventful day.  The morning wasn’t quite as cold and other than the dump truck driver yelling at me on my ride home because my blinking headlight was too bright, the ride itself was uneventful.  After both of those rides I realize that I have been making too many excuses as to why I haven’t been riding more.  Of course this epiphany is a little late as the weather is getting consistently colder and my bike is not set up for riding in the snow but I am going to attempt to ride a couple more times before winter arrives.

After these two rides and other rides in the end of September I ended commuting via bike a total of 12 times.  Still shy of my goal of 15 but not all that bad.  Maybe next year I will do even better.

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