Monthly Savings Update – September

With the end goal of Financial Independence constantly on my mind I was able to keep my expenses over the past month in check.  I am saving a little bit of money just because the cost of gas has gone down.  As my little Honda Fit is fairly fuel efficient my fuel costs are never that much but I am now able to fill my tank for less than $20.  Not bad if you ask me!

Our 7th wedding anniversary happened the last week in September.  We actually have not have time to celebrate together as our schedules have been so crazy over the past week but we decided not to buy each other gifts.  It’s funny to look back and compare to how different our lives were only 2 years ago before this journey to FI started.  Seven years ago we honeymooned in Aruba and before we even left we decided we were coming back to celebrate our 5th anniversary on this little happy island.  Being a Type A planner, about 2 1/2 years out I estimated the cost of the trip and we started to save towards the cost.  The week of our 5th anniversary we celebrated in style in at an absolutely amazing resort, with an activity planned every day (scuba diving, horse back riding, snorkeling, parasailing, etc), and great meals out every night (OMG, so many good restaurants).  We spent more than our budget but we able to cash flow the difference.  Mr. SFF even bought me a beautiful diamond anniversary band for my right hand.  It really was amazing and in some ways I am glad we took this trip before starting on this FI journey as we have great memories to last a lifetime and I can’t imagine spending that amount of money now.

2015-10-01 15.40.57

So this year instead of gifts and lavish vacations, I prepped a bunch of dinners to help us out as our schedules will be very busy over the next month.  I really do love the idea of giving “gifts” that are of use everyday and add real value.  These dinners fit the bill perfectly and we have already cooked two.  I think I will try to make some more freezer meals the next time Mr. SFF heads out of town in a couple of weeks.

With my spending in check, I was able to save more than my targeted amount for the month.  This is probably a good thing as I will have some extra expenses coming in October.  September percentage of take-home income saved: 52%  This brings my average (after tax) savings rate since starting this journey to just under 50%.  I am very happy with this, especially as our joint savings account hit a very happy number with my last transfer.  I love seeing our accounts grow and the amount of interest received (although minimal) increase every month.

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