Our “Free” Long Weekend at Martha’s Vineyard

My boss has a second home in Martha’s Vineyard.  They rent out the house during the busy summer months but other than that he goes down to about once per month and sometimes more frequently.  Last year he offered that I could use the house free of charge during the off season or any time that it was not rented and he wasn’t using it.  Mr. SFF and I finally found a weekend that we were both free and the house was available so we invited my mom and my sister to join us for an extended weekend. Continue reading “Our “Free” Long Weekend at Martha’s Vineyard”

My Bike Challenge = Fail, Sort of…

Back in May I had challenged myself to try to bike to work at least once per week up to Labor Day in order to save a little bit of money, and also because it is good exercise.  The plan seems really reasonable and would mean biking 15 times throughout the summer.  I started out strong, even biking twice one week in late May but when I sprained my ankle at the beginning of July things went south. Continue reading “My Bike Challenge = Fail, Sort of…”

More Apartment Expenses – Planned and Unexpected

The Planned Expense

Our new tenants moved in back in August and we want to make sure they stay happy in hopes that they will stay for a couple of years. As our duplex was built in the 1890’s there is very little storage space, in any room.  The bathroom in particular has zero storage.  When we transitioned the apartment back in July we had wanted to add a medicine cabinet in the bathroom to add at least some storage but ran out of time.  We asked our tenants if they wanted one and they said it would be great and we just finally got around to installing one this past week.

Being frugal minded about many things in life, we decided to try to find a used medicine cabinet instead of shelling out over a $100 for a new one.  It took a few weeks but I found a wall mountable one (we didn’t want to cut holes in the wall as you never know what you may find) at a local home building resale establishment.  The cost was only $15 so it was a great price.

2015-08-29 12.27.30
It’s upside down but you get the idea…

Continue reading “More Apartment Expenses – Planned and Unexpected”

Monthly Savings Update – September

With the end goal of Financial Independence constantly on my mind I was able to keep my expenses over the past month in check.  I am saving a little bit of money just because the cost of gas has gone down.  As my little Honda Fit is fairly fuel efficient my fuel costs are never that much but I am now able to fill my tank for less than $20.  Not bad if you ask me!

Our 7th wedding anniversary happened the last week in September.  We actually have not have time to celebrate together as our schedules have been so crazy over the past week but we decided not to buy each other gifts.  It’s funny to look back and compare to how different our lives were only 2 years ago before this journey to FI started.   Continue reading “Monthly Savings Update – September”