Weekend in Review – Spartan Sprint at Killington

This past weekend was a busy one!  I was non-stop for 3 days and was certainly feeling it for a couple of days after.  Thankfully my wallet didn’t get all that much exercise as I was able to keep my costs in check.  Friday Mr. SFF and I shot a wedding so we were on our feet for 13 hours.  It may have been a long day but we got to witness the wedding from start to finish for some good friends so it was worth all of the work!


The weekend itself was all about Spartan.  I volunteered at the Spartan Beast race at Killington Mountain from 1-10:30 on Saturday.  This is the first time I have volunteered for a Spartan race but in exchange for my hours of work I will receive a free credit to be used towards any future races.  Since I still need to complete a Beast distance race to complete my Trifecta for 2015 this day of volunteering will save me $160.  So although my legs were exhausted for standing for a full day it was worth it.  Plus I got to give my brother his metal as he crossed the finish line for his race so that was a priceless experience.  I planned ahead and brought all of the food I needed for the day (not that I even had time to eat once my shift started) so I did not spend a single penny while at the venue.  Woohoo!

As Killington is almost 2 hours from my house I contacted a woman I met last year at the Killington race to see if she would be willing to host me for the night.  She not only was willing to host me (for free) but she thanked me for asking.  She really is such a sweetheart!  This goes to show that even if you do not know someone all that well it never hurts to ask.  Her home is only 15 minutes from the resort so having a bed so close by was amazing!  I gave her a box of custom photo greeting cards as a thank you as this truly helped make my weekend possible.

Sunday after a leisurely morning at my friends house I headed back to Killington for my day of racing and fun.  Mr. SFF caught a ride down with a friend who was volunteering on Sunday so that worked out really well (she earned 3 free race credits for her shift).

In the past it has only been my buddy and I racing but this year we talked both of our husbands into racing with us.  My brother also joined us even though he had raced the Beast the day before and it was great to get to run a whole race with him (he is much faster than me!).  Another couple who is friends with my racing buddy also joined our team at the start.  So with a total of 7 people to our team, we started our race, straight up the mountain!

This year’s race was much different than last year’s as they were bringing it back to their roots with less man made obstacles.  Even though our course was just over 5 miles and was longer than last year’s race I found it to be easier.  Still fun, especially as I had Mr. SFF by my side, but not a great as last year.  Next year, assuming I don’t have any injuries, I am hoping to tackle the Beast course.  With an average of 15+ miles, somewhere between 5000-8000 vertical gain and 30-40 obstacles the Killington Beast is brutal.  It will be a challenge but it on my bucket list.

2015-09-18 22.32.47

After the race we all enjoyed our free beer together, celebrating our success.  Since we burned tons of calories and still had a long drive home we went out for a bite to eat before heading out of town.  The total for this meal was $35 and was the only money we spent all weekend out of pocket.  Pretty impressive considering I was out of the house for 2 full days.

How much did all of this cost?

Due to my planning I was able to keep my costs to a minimum for the weekend.  I purchased almost all of my food ahead of time and avoided all of the other goodies I could have purchased.

Race Fee: $129.22 for both of us (paid for in January)
Parking: free both days thanks to my volunteering pass!
Dinner after: $35
Total: $164.22

Not bad for an amazing weekend with some great memories!  AROO!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I love to hike as well and it can be great training for the particularly mountainous courses. I unfortunately only got out hiking once this summer but am hoping to get a foliage hike in Columbus Day weekend.

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