How To Show Love Frugally On Your Anniversary

This past weekend marked our 7th wedding anniversary.  I would love to say we have a fantastic weekend spent doing wonderful things together but our schedules took us different ways and we spent probably a total of 45 minutes together between both Saturday and Sunday.  I had an event early on Saturday morning and Mr. SFF had some photo work for most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday.  He worked a total of 20 hours with 6 hours of driving time tacked onto that.  So much for a romantic weekend!

As we knew this weekend was packed we decided to celebrate together on November when our schedules slow down (yikes, we are too busy) and that will probably just be a nice dinner together.  We decided that we would not exchange any gifts or anything else as they would only hurt our financial independence goal and we are not big on gift giving anyways.

But as I did have a lot of free time this weekend I decided to do something to express my love.   Continue reading “How To Show Love Frugally On Your Anniversary”

Weekend in Review – Spartan Sprint at Killington

This past weekend was a busy one!  I was non-stop for 3 days and was certainly feeling it for a couple of days after.  Thankfully my wallet didn’t get all that much exercise as I was able to keep my costs in check.  Friday Mr. SFF and I shot a wedding so we were on our feet for 13 hours.  It may have been a long day but we got to witness the wedding from start to finish for some good friends so it was worth all of the work!


The weekend itself was all about Spartan.  I volunteered at the Spartan Beast race at Continue reading “Weekend in Review – Spartan Sprint at Killington”

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month


In September of every year the life insurance industry has an awareness campaign to make sure the average person is looking at their life insurance needs.  The majority of people do not have enough life insurance coverage so this is a great reminder to take a few minutes to review your own individual circumstances to see if Continue reading “September is Life Insurance Awareness Month”

And We’re Live!

Hello world!  After spending many months logging my journey towards financial independence in a private setting I have finally made my blog public.  This blog has been a great tool to help me keep motivated to keep cutting costs and adding money to our savings but I thought it was finally time to share my story with the rest of the world.  Although everyone’s life situation is different, my hope is that I can inspire others to go after their dreams, no matter where they currently stand.  I do not make a ton of money so I am hoping to show others that you do not need to be making six figures to pay off debts, save towards financial independence or work toward whatever financial goal you may have.  You just need a goal, the drive, and discipline to make changes to get you there.

I did need to take some additional steps before making my blog public.  Thankfully Mr. SFF is a computer specialist so he helped me through all of the steps.

First, I had to actually purchase the domain. Continue reading “And We’re Live!”

Monthly Savings Update – August

The end of August always means that summer is unfortunately coming to a close but on the bright side of things at least my savings was dramatically increased this month.  I knew that my numbers would look a little better as my friend was paying me back for her share of our AirBNB rental but also a bunch of my other costs were down resulting in my best month of savings yet.  Woohoo!

Constantly being aware of what money is going out, and using this blog to keep myself accountable, has Continue reading “Monthly Savings Update – August”