Weddings are Expensive, for Everyone

Mr. SFF and I just spent a fabulous weekend down in NJ for a family wedding.  This was the first black tie wedding I have been to and will probably go in the books as the most beautiful and lavish as well.  The bride was stunning and both of them were beaming of love all day.  I am so happy for the two of them!

As were are family we were invited to the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.  I left work early for the drive down so that we could attend.  We were able to wear clothes we already owned so the only expense we had on Friday was filling up the gas tank.

For Saturday we were on our own for breakfast and lunch.  We found an absolutely amazing restaurant that served gluten free food so I was in heaven with my GF french toast.  I ordered a huge meal as I also wanted eggs but was able to bring the leftovers back with me as part of my lunch.  The meal was a little pricey being that it was just breakfast but it was very tasty.

Being that this was a black tie wedding we both needed to get all gussied up for the actual wedding.  Mr. SFF rented a tux from Men’s Warehouse and it was the first time I have seen him in a tux (he was so handsome).  As he is a preferred member he got a little discount but is was still an added cost to the weekend.  I thankfully had a fancy dress and shoes in my closet that I have owned since before we were married and have worn to a couple of events in the past.  Although the dress may not be this years fashion (gasp!) it is beautiful and worked well for the event.  My sister in law borrowed a dress for the event so it is possible that we were the only women there who did not buy a new dress for the event but we both made it work very well.  Mr. SFF even said my dress looked better on me now than it did years ago.  (Have I mentioned how great he is?)

2015-06-27 18.12.53

The wedding and reception were at a country club in northern NJ and was by far the most lavish event I have ever attended.  There was endless food that started around 7:30 and lasted until dessert at 11:30.  The flowers and decorations were like that out of a magazine.  The staff was great and everything was just perfectly put together.  Looking around the room I realized once again how lucky I am to live where I do.  I could see living just outside of NYC how much harder it would be to not have lifestyle creep.  There is probably a standard as to what a wedding should be that is much different than where I live.  And everyday life  would also be harder to keep in check as well.  I was ecstatic that I did not have to buy a new dress while others were probably excited to be wearing their Valentino dresses and matching Louboutin shoes.  There may have been some actual Joneses in the room but I have no need to follow in their (expensive) footsteps.

Wedding cake, custard with berries, sorbet and passed mini ice cream cones.
Wedding cake, custard with berries, sorbet and passed mini ice cream cones.

Now down to our expenses.  Instead of giving the itemized breakdown for the costs I am just going to list them with a total as I think it would be tacky to show how much we spent on a gift.  Mr. SFF and I each covered some of these expenses so it does not totally blow my individual budget for the month.

Hotel (thankfully reasonably priced)
Gas (2 fill-ups)
Breakfast and lunch on Saturday
Wedding gift
Tux Rental

Total: $777.41 

So this event was not only expensive for their parents but also for those of us attending.  I think we did a reasonably good job of keeping the costs in check considering we came in from out of town but this was far from cheap.  But being able to see the pure joy and love radiating from both of the bride and groom’s faces was worth every penny.

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