What Will Early Retirement Look Like?

One question that I have been pondering a lot recently is what exactly I would want to do with all of my free time once I reach financial independence.  I realize that being financially independent itself will not bring happiness and that I am most likely going to need to do something just to keep me active and maybe even make a little income.  And to be honest, my current vision is more of a semi-retirement where we are both earning a small income working part time or doing side hustles.  But what will that be?  Yes, I know it is years down the road but I know that if I can envision what things will look like this might help me reach our FI goal sooner.

I came across this website while trolling the MMM forums where lots of really cool jobs are listed from around the country, hence the website name, www.coolworks.com.  Mr. SFF and I have casually discussed how we could work at a ski resort part time so that we could enjoy the skiing but earn a little money on the side.  This website might be the place the find such a job! Although we had discussed the ski resort route there are other jobs listed that could work if we were FI.  Some even include lodging so that would certainly help with our expenses.  This site gives me hope that we might be able to find something that works.  There are even a few listing for a couple so we might be able to find something that we could do together.  I could see us working at a lodge in the Rocky’s, just minutes from the mountain, with flexible hours so that we could enjoy the snow in the winter and hiking in the summer.  Yes, I really can see it!

HIgh Country images
Working Couple for On-Site Manager: High Country Lodge

This website kind of makes me want to jump ship right now but I know I need to practice more patience as we continue to build up some more wealth.  For now I will just continue to dream…

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