Frustrations and Progress

Both last month and now into June I have been having trouble keeping my expenses low.  I know things always come up but it still can be frustrating when you have a goal set but you just can’t make it work.  I am certainly still saving money but just not as much as I would like.

The great news is that Mr. SFF has finally added some money to our joint savings account.  I have been asking him to help contribute for a few months but as he is super laid back he just hadn’t gotten around to it.  He has just been accumulating money in his checking and has finally moved it over.  This method seems to work well for him but can be frustrating for me as I am Type A and want to see the slow progress every month.  But at least he is fully on board and transferred almost as much as I have saved in three months time with just this one transfer.  He even said that he just doesn’t spend much so it just keeps accumulating.  What a great problem to have!

I do certainly realize that we are lucky in that we are both naturally frugal.  We may have different ways of executing things where I am very methodical and have everything planned while Mr. SFF is super laid back, but at the route of it all, we are both happy with our little life and keeping things simple.  In contrast, I recently saw an interesting dynamic with a couple I know.  They were trying to figure out whether it made sense to put some money into a car repair or just get another car.  For Mr. SFF and I this would have been an easy decision that we both agreed on; repair the car.  But they were on opposite sides.  He wanted to do the repair and put off making a purchase but she really wanted a “new” car (they were looking at used ones).  She ended up winning and they bought a one year old car.  This was a great example of how different Mr. SFF and I are from the average person and a wonderful reminder of how great it is to be on the same page as your partner.  I am so grateful that Mr. SFF and I are on the same page and can work towards our goal of financial independence together.  Together we will make this dream a reality.

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