Weddings are Expensive, for Everyone

Mr. SFF and I just spent a fabulous weekend down in NJ for a family wedding.  This was the first black tie wedding I have been to and will probably go in the books as the most beautiful and lavish as well.  The bride was stunning and both of them were beaming of love all day.  I am so happy for the two of them!

As were are family we were invited to the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.  I left work early for the drive down so that we could attend.  We were able to wear clothes we already owned so the only expense we had on Friday was filling up the gas tank.

For Saturday we were on our own for breakfast and lunch.  We found an absolutely amazing restaurant that served gluten free food so I was in heaven with Continue reading “Weddings are Expensive, for Everyone”

What Will Early Retirement Look Like?

One question that I have been pondering a lot recently is what exactly I would want to do with all of my free time once I reach financial independence.  I realize that being financially independent itself will not bring happiness and that I am most likely going to need to do something just to keep me active and maybe even make a little income.  And to be honest, my current vision is more of a semi-retirement where we are both earning a small income working part time or doing side hustles.  But what will that be?  Yes, I know it is years down the road but I know that if I can envision what things will look like this might help me reach our FI goal sooner.

I came across this website while trolling the MMM forums where lots of really cool jobs are listed from around the country, hence the website name,  Mr. SFF and I have casually discussed how we could work at a ski resort part time so that we could enjoy the skiing but Continue reading “What Will Early Retirement Look Like?”

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was great!  Mr. SFF and I drove down to my dad’s house on Friday after work to stay for the weekend.  We stopped for dinner on the way but there is a great restaurant just off the highway where we got dinner for both of us plus two beers for Mr. SFF for only $42 (including tip), all which Mr. SFF paid for.  If only we could get that kind of deal in my home town!

The main purpose of this trip was to run Boston Super on Saturday down in Barre, MA.  This is the first of my Spartan Races this year and as my dad’s house was only an hour 15 away it was a great place to stay (free lodging!).  In case Continue reading “Weekend in Review”

Frustrations and Progress

Both last month and now into June I have been having trouble keeping my expenses low.  I know things always come up but it still can be frustrating when you have a goal set but you just can’t make it work.  I am certainly still saving money but just not as much as I would like.

The great news is that Mr. SFF has finally added some money to our joint savings account.  I have been asking him to help contribute for a few months but as he is super laid back he just hadn’t gotten around to it.  He has just been accumulating money in his checking and has finally moved it over.  This method seems to work well for him but can be frustrating Continue reading “Frustrations and Progress”

Happiness is in the Journey

I recently came across a post on Kevin Smith’s blog and something he said completely resonated with me.  I reread it more than once as it was just so perfect in describing me and my life.  I sometimes am working so hard at being happy that I don’t enjoy great moments even when they are happening.  It is not until after when I am reflecting back that I realize how good that moment really was.  Even as I write this I am looking back at times where I should have been enjoying being in the moment more instead of thinking about what is next.

“The irony is that actual happiness blasts us across our faces, necks and chests all the time – but we’re so busy chasing the elusive notion of what happiness is to us at that moment, we tend to overlook the authentic bliss we create for ourselves and others in the process of simply trying to be happy. And by the time we realize these were, in fact, moments of happiness, it’s too late: those moments are now memories.” – Kevin Smith

I sort of see this journey towards financial independence as a journey towards happiness as well. Continue reading “Happiness is in the Journey”

Monthly Update – May

As I suspected, May turned out to be a difficult month.  From the start of the month my expenses were higher.  I had a car repair which I expected but nonetheless, still hurt.  But unfortunately that was only one of many large non-regular expenses for the month.

For Mother’s Day we hosted a brunch for 10 at our house with both of our moms, our siblings and their spouses, and one cousin who was visiting from out of town.  Thankfully brunch is less expensive than hosting a dinner but I still spent over $100 on food.  Add in the cost of gifts and cards and Continue reading “Monthly Update – May”