Memorial Day – A Great Time to Buy a Ski Pass!

Yup, its not even summer and we have already purchased our seasons passes for next winter.  Mr. SFF and I love heading to our favorite local mountain Smuggler’s Notch as often as possible once the snow flies.  We have had a seasons pass there for the past 13 years and next year will be no different.

But why am I talking about ski season when summer isn’t even here yet?  Well Smuggs has a great deal where if you buy your seasons pass by Memorial Day they will give you the previous year’s pre-Labor Day price.  This year it actually made a bigger difference than it has in the past.  We just purchased our passes for $529 each whereas if we had waited until they start going on sale in mid-August, prices would go up to $589.  So we end up saving a total of $120 by being willing to shell out our money just a little bit earlier than usual.  I am really glad I set myself a reminder to buy them early because it was a big price difference this year.  Mr. SFF is paying for the passes so this will not be taken out of my budget which is good because my numbers are already off for the month of May.

You might consider this a luxury especially as the passes are not cheap but to us this is our main form of entertainment in the winter months.  One of the reasons I want to be financially independent is so that we can head up to the mountain mid-week or whenever there is fresh snow instead of being limited to just weekends.  Plus, we certainly get our money’s worth out of our passes.  I have a spreadsheet tracking my days out on the slopes and this past year I was able to make it up to Smuggs 37 days.  If you break this down my cost per day was less than $15 verses a regular ticket price of $70 ($74 for a holiday).  So this is a huge win for us.  Well that is enough dreaming of fluffy snow for now as it is time to enjoy the sunshine!

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