Life (Expenses) Happen

Yesterday was just one of those days where by the time I got home, I had wracked up some receipts.  One was necessary, the others were more of a “want”.  Here’s a rundown of my day.

My Car – The Necessary Expense

I have a 2007 Honda Fit with approx 98,600 miles on it.  I do my best to take good care of it as I want to drive it for another 100,000 miles.  My braking was starting to feel strange so I dropped it off at the dealership (I usually don’t go to the dealership for regular/simple things but for this I decided it was the route to go).  I knew some part of the brake system would need to be replaced as they were the original breaks it was just a question of which parts and how much it would cost.  As I have not had many repair related expenses I am fine putting a little money in here and there, especially as I have not had a car payment in more than 5 years.

The mechanic called and informed me that my brakes and rotors would need to be replaced in the front only (phew) and that the cost was $485 fully installed.  Considering I was expecting anything from $250-$750 I was fine with this estimate.  I told them to go ahead and also do an oil change at the same time as it was due anyways.  I thankfully had just received a coupon in the mail from the service department which included 15% off brake work (great timing!) so all things said and done, I walked(drove) out with a total payment of $454.26.  Although I do not like spending money on car repairs, this is a small price to pay for the continued use of an otherwise great car.  Could I have saved money by going to a generic mechanic somewhere in town?  Maybe, but I received OEM parts which will hopefully last another 98,000 miles. Plus, they wash the car for free so my car is now free of its layer of winter road salt.  🙂

Discretionary Expense #1

I am on a couple of email lists from companies like Groupon who offer great local deals.  Many of these I just ignore as it is not something I would normally buy anyways but every now and then I come across a great deal for a great local restaurant or other great deal that peaks my interest.  The deal the struck my interest yesterday was for a massage therapist offering 50% off an hour massage.  Now a massage definitely falls in the “want” category but is something that I love to treat myself to every once and a while.  The last massage I had a few months ago I won in a drawing and only had a to cover the tip so that was wonderful but this one did cost a little out of pocket, $35 + tip.  Although I am hoping to be financially independent at some point in the next 5-10 years, I have also decided I will not sacrifice my current happiness to do that.  I also have greatly increased my level of fitness activity and am acutely aware that a massage every once and a while does wonders for my sore muscles.  So I justified spending a little money as it will be good for both my mental and physical well being.

Discretionary Expense #2

The car dealership happens to be on the end of town that I hate going to as the traffic is crazy but there is a great shoe store right next to the dealership so I stopped on by since I was right there.  During the fall and winter I have a great pair of boots that I love to wear.  They are comfortable even when walking long distances, they can be dressed up or down, and I would wear every day if it matched my outfit.  Come spring and summer though my casual everyday shoe choices are not as easy.  I sometimes wear flats but they don’t make sense for early spring when it is still gross outside or days when I want something just a little more casual.  I sometime wear my clogs but I apparently have a problem walking in them. I am not sure if it is just me, but for some reason I always roll my ankle when wearing them.  Thankfully (knock on wood) I have not actually sprained an ankle but it is still dangerous.

Recently I have been searching for something that is not expensive but that fits this void of sorts in my shoe selection (once again, probably not a need as much as a want).  Unfortunately I have tiny feet and have trouble finding shoes that fit.  Most of the time I end up ordering shoes online but this can be frustrating as you never know if they are going to fit and I end up sending things back and forth.  On this occasion, this particular shoe store has a somewhat decent selection of shoes so I was hopeful (wishful) that I would find something.  Unfortunately nothing in the women’s section worked (mostly as there was nothing small enough) so I went over to the kids section.  I used to get embarrassed being a full grown adult (well, almost full grown) shopping in the kids section but sometimes it works and I really don’t care what people think.  I was able to find a pair of Keds that fit and were only $29.95.  They were comfortable for every day casual wear, I won’t risk rolling my ankles, and they were reasonably priced.  They were also basically the same shoe in the women’s display but cost less so it’s not like I am going to be wearing sparkly pink shoes or anything.

By The End of the Day…

The total for the day added up to $519.21.  Ouch!  Not so happy about that but I can manage.  Plus, there is always going to be something extraordinary that comes up every once and a while but as I do live below my means I can usually manage.  After dinner Mr. SFF and I decided to take a walk to watch the sunset and get our first creemee of the season (ie:soft serve ice cream).  The creemee itself was not free (Mr. SFF treated me) but the walk and view were free and were great!

Why I love where I live.
Why I love where I live.

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